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my fight with summer part i

My roommate and I are both on the broke side of things right now.  We also have an 80 dollar a month for the next 4 months deposit on our electric.  It is summer.  Our AC is a dinosaur that takes huge amounts of energy to not cool things at all.  Therefore we have declared war on summer, and are refusing to turn on the AC.  It's been an adventure so far, and it's not even really summer yet.  On the plus side we do spend a whole lot more time outside, because it's cooler out there than in the house.  

Today our landlord was having one of her many yard sales.  We wandered out, I learned how to play peanuckle (sic?).  Miss Vi (our kinda crazy, kinda lumpy, very sweet but also kinda creepy landlord) was bitching at Mike (the good ol' boy with some anger issues who lives in the basement) to stain a spice rack. I volunteered to stain it, because I like playing with woodstain, it was hotter inside than out, and I was bored.  I ended up with several pieces of... wood stuff, murphy's oil, and woodstain.  I spent 4 hours cleaning, taking apart, fixing, staining, and putting back together a spice rack, a weird smallish cabinent thing, a few frames and some shelves.  It was actually fun.  There were 3 old ladies playing peanuckle with Vi and chatting, and I was on the porch playing with murphy's oil (with smells amazing) and old english.  

Then we went to Cafe 360 with Josh's friends Paul and Ellen.  I'd met Paul (twice, drunk both times... him, not me), but I'd never met Ellen.  She is a blue eyed redhead.  And insane.  We had an epic arguement about Jimmy Page and Keith Richards and the fact that the Stones and Zeppelin SHOULD NOT EVEN be mentioned in the same sentence as fucking dire straights.  Other than her sad lack of musical taste, Ellen was fun.  Hookah was fun as shit.  It didn't have any effect I noticed, but it was delicious and fun.  I blew smoke through my drink and made a tornado in the glass.  Josh and I, by the way, we also completely trashed when we WALKED IN.

I missed the best part of the day.  Between staining things and 360, I took a shower.  Then Josh and I decided drinking would be awesome, since Paul was driving.  We ended up smoking and drinking in the backyard, when Mike comes out and spends a good 10 minutes talking to us about catheters.  For. The. WIN. 

And now I'm going the hell to sleep, because being outside all day and 2 hours at the hookah bar make me tired.