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Sucker for blue eyes

My roommate was babysitting his friend's little boy today.  Which turned into me babysitting both of them, because Josh is kinda fail.  He ran away from a diaper and I was like, dude, you have younger siblings, have you seriously never done this. NOOOO *run away*. Me *headdesk*.  But the kid is so sweet, and has a bit of the devil in him, my favorite combination in two year olds.  He's the kind of kid that could get away with murder by looking at you with those big blue eyes and giving you a big hug and saying I sowwy!  I wanted to keep him, Josh said no. Also we got to watch 101 dalmatians, my favorite movie growing up.  Old disney movies are so much more fun when you GET them.  

Also, I finished re-reading A Great and Terrible Beauty. and oh Fee, I love you so hard.  I was afraid I'd re-read these and find everything wrong with them, as I do with so many YA books I loved on first reading.  Nope, love it EVEN MORE this time.  SPOILERS And I'm getting into debates with my friend over when Fee and Pippa got together.  Because she thinks it's prior to Poor Dead Pippa, and I think it's after.  Granted, I think things happened before, but I don't think they were actually together until Rebel Angels.  I am of the opinion that some kind of shenanigans took place before Fee/Ithal/Boathouse, and Fee freaked because she realized she liked it and Pippa thinks it's just a game because she's naive.  Also Fee/Gemma is so much more fun than Fee/Pippa, because it's painfully obvious Felicity loves  Pippa way more than Pip loves Fee and the Felicity/Gemma dynamic is more interesting.  It would be an even relationship, and Gemma is less of a SHIT than Pippa, even though Gemma is a shit too.  And post-Sweet Far Thing, Gemma and Felicity are both so broken, have lost so much.  I have a hard time seeing either of them with someone who doesn't understand such monumental loss.  Well, except Felicity/Susan, which is the BEST OTP EVER.

Great and Terrible Beauty

I'm re-reading A Great and Terrible Beauty... and oh Fee.  I love her.  Even when she's being a bitch.  And how did I miss her voice being described as husky and smoky?  I also came to the realization that I ship a whole lot of ships, some more fucked up than others.  Fee/Gemma, Fee/Pippa, Fee/Circe, Gemma/Circe, Gemma/Pippa, Mary/Circe.  And oh Felicity... I seriously could not possibly love you more, but you make me so sad.  

Spoilers Ahead

So, in re-reading Im trying to figure out when Felicity and Pippa first got together.  I'm now relatively convinced that something happened immediately before Fee's little daliance with the gypsy boy, and she freaked out and went to prove her heteronormality.  Especially combined with her calling Pippa naive to Gemma right afterwards.  And the cave, oh lord the cave.  With the apple and the girl kissing.  Fee you are so. so. so. gay darling.  They had better not cut that from the movie.  I want that whole scene.  The eating out of Gemma's hand and all.  And Pippa calling Felicity's mom a whore? Yeah, they are totally having a lover's spat. Well, maybe not a lover's spat, but I think Pippa gets a little more of it at this point, and Fee certainly does, and is trying to distance herself from Pippa (because hanging out with the hot redhead is SO MUCH BETTER Fee, clearly you have not thought this through).